COSC/MATH 3416 E Numerical methods  
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Exams from previous years:
April 1996 (in French)
December 1998 (in English)
April 1999 (in French)
April 2000 (bilingual)
December 2001 (in English)
April 2003 (in English)
April 2004 (in English)
April 2005 (in English)
Partial solution of the final exam of Arril 2005
Tests from the year 2004:
Test 1
Solution of test 1
Test 2
Solution of test 2
Tests from the year 2005:
Test 1
Test 2

Solutions of the tests from the year 2006:
Test 1
Test 2

A few Maple references on the web: (a rather good introduction) (en français)

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